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Menu introduces online training centre has introduced a new online Training Centre which features brief instructional videos for many innovative painting products featured in the extensive Vinny Byrne range.

Each “How to” video gives a short practical demonstration of products in action, taking users through the preparation, painting and finishing process step-by-step. The videos cover different painting projects, with initial productions showing how to refinish leather or vinyl and how to colour backlights.

Alan Kelly, refinish specialist says: “We have a huge range of paint products that can tackle specialist refinish jobs that people often do not realise are even possible. For example, our SEM Colorcoat system is a quick, easy and cost effective way of repairing or refreshing vehicle upholstery. Colorcoat is amazingly simple to use and this video shows you how to produce a great finish on leather, vinyl and many other surfaces.”

A further video features Motip Backlight aerosol spray, a transparent lacquer that can colour, highlight and protect glass or plastic surfaces with a long lasting scratch free and shock proof finish.

Kelly added: “We will be adding more new videos on a weekly basis to show how tackling a wide variety of painting jobs can be made simple using products from the Vinny Byrne range.”

Alan believes that the videos will be of interest to both the automotive trade and the general public. He commented: “Over the coming weeks we will be doing videos for everything from business development ideas for bodyshops and garages, through to how to re-colour a pair of shoes. The videos will show just what is possible with paints and aerosols form the range and how easy it is to achieve great results.”

The latest videos from the on-line training school can be viewed at or Vinny Byrne Training YouTube Channel.