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TRW appeals for shock absorber safety critical status

TRW Automotive Aftermarket is appealing for increased focus on shock absorbers as part of its latest Corner Module campaign. The business estimates that a quarter of all vehicles across Europe are risking lives by operating with at least one defective shock absorber and is using its considerable force to back product specific testing in annual MOTs.

TRW’s Denis Poncet, Senior Product Manager Steering, Suspension and Shock Absorbers Parts & Service Europe explained: “As safety critical parts, we are calling for compulsory component inclusion in annual vehicle services and periodic technical inspection (PTI) tests in all EU countries. The foundations of our business are built on safety and defective parts put lives at risk on our roads. We will work tirelessly to communicate this message at every level until we achieve our goal.”


In support of this, TRW has released four short videos focussed on its shock absorber programme which examine: range, programme investment, TRW’s unique +3 technology and its testing procedures. To access these videos, please go to;
TRW is part of a group of OEM shock absorber manufacturers, ‘La collective des amortisseurs (The Shocks Collective)’, set up by FIEV (a French automotive industry trade body) to highlight the importance of the shock absorber with regards to vehicle safety. In recent years tests have been carried out to determine the effects of defective shock absorbers.

These tests, overseen by SECUR, resulted in French technical authorities adding a shock absorber leakage test to its compulsory Periodic Technical Inspection (MOT test) in 2009. One European country is taking things a step further and in 2014 is introducing a component test in isolation from the rest of the suspension system. TRW hopes that in light of this, other EU countries will follow by example.

TRW has invested millions in its product development and manufacturing facilities to provide the market leading, best in class programme that forms an integral part of its Corner Module offer. Having climbed the leader board in the past few years, TRW now occupies a top three position and offers the largest coverage with the smallest range. With approximately 1200 references, TRW’s range is less than half the size of major competitors which have in the region of 2500 and as such offers additional logistical, cost and space saving benefits.

“We believe that as safety is an industry wide concern and that we all have a part to play. We advocate that shock absorbers are changed by axle to avoid uneven performance and so only sell our product in twin boxes,” Denis continued.

He concluded: “Our +3 Technology provides greater reliability, more consistent behaviour and precise damping for shock absorbers. We set the industry benchmark for quality and safety by being the only manufacturer to offer all of this unique technology as standard. Competitors only include this in their premium offer.”