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The Magnificent Sealey Seven at HBA Distribution

HBA Distribution wants to ensure that its Dealers are fully stocked up on all of the current promotional Sealey literature. At the moment, this consists of Seven publications;  The Full Range Catalogue,  The Best Sellers Promotion,  The Automotive Workshop Promotion,  The New Spring Deal,  The Setting & Locking Kits Promotion, The Autel Diagnostics Promotion and finally, the totally new about-to-be-launched, Bodyshop Promotion!

The Sealey range now boasts over 8,000 products and these promotions feature more than 2,400 of these items, all at special pricing.

HBA Distributions provides you with merchandising assistance and can fit your premises with state-of-the-art, free-on-loan display stands, to help you maximise every sales opportunity.

Are you fully tooled-up on Sealey’s Magnificent Seven?

For more information contact HBA Distribution on 048 3753 1155