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Fifty-tonne tipper weighs in for EMR thanks to Edbro expertise

Edbro has used its high-tech manufacturing facilities to design and build a customised 50t tipper in a matter of weeks.

Transport News Brief reports that EMR, a global leader in metal recycling, needed a new tipping vehicle for transporting scrap metal around its Teesside-based scrap yard.

As the vehicle would be operating off-road, the decision was made to specify a truck which was capable of carrying more than the 44t legal road limit to maximise efficiency.


It approached Swan Commercial Bodies, a Lancashire based body builder that specialises in on and off road vehicles for the scrap industry, to build the vehicle and it turned to JOST-owned Edbro.

Danny Broomfield, UK Business Development Manager for JOST, said, “In the UK it is quite rare that a vehicle is specified over the 44t road limit and even more rare for it to be a tipper. We have manufacturing facilities which are geared to supply foreign markets so are capable of producing a 50t tipping cylinder.”

Since it developed the first tipping hoist to be powered by a truck engine in 1916, Edbro has been at the forefront of tipping technologies for commercial vehicles. The brand manufactures all of its products at its facilities in Bolton, the JOST UK headquarters, and exports them to markets around the world.

In markets such as the Middle East, larger tipping vehicles are far more common as weight restrictions don’t apply. This means Edbro has developed its UK manufacturing capabilities to produce cylinders which are far larger than the UK norm – its largest standard product can tip up to 90t. It was able to design and manufacture a bespoke, 50 tonne cylinder for EMR from within the UK which meant that lead times were reduced and no import duties were required.
Broomfield said “Because Edbro has resisted the temptation to shift its manufacturing to overseas sites, we are able to react swiftly to requests for customised tipping solutions. Our experience in other markets also means that our manufacturing capabilities extend beyond the normal requirements for UK vehicles. In this instance we were able to design a bespoke solution for the EMR vehicle, manufacture and deliver it within five weeks.”