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Pocket lamp gets upgrades

Light is essential for mechanics to carry out inspections and repairs. Small compact lamps are a big hit for mechanics as they are ideal for having on their person for quick inspections.

REIL2300-Main-Image44POCKET-LAMPAfter the success of its award winning RIL50 pocket lamp, which sells in excess of half a million units a year, Ring has introduced two new pocket lamps.

For qualified mechanics, Ring has introduced the RIL2300, a heavier duty Professional Pocket Lamp. The lamp contains a lithium-ion battery making it rechargeable, for regular everyday use. It takes only four hours to charge to provide five hours operating time.

The eight high-powered LEDs produce 120 lumens output of natural white light that is easier on the eye. The precision reflector ensures a wide angle light output for total engine bay illumination.

It also has an LED torch function for a focused and directed light to help work in small confined areas or down narrow gaps.

The polycarbonate construction is virtually indestructible, ideal for coping with the everyday knocks and rough treatment typical of a workshop environment. The bright turquoise coloured anti-slip comfortable grip provides a high visibility presence ensuring the lamp is not left lying on an engine bay or wheel arch.

The clip also doubles as a magnet for hands free working.

The RIL52 Pocket Lamp is an update of the RIL50. It contains 12 LEDs producing a natural white light that will illuminate a wide working area. It also has a secondary LED torch function for a focused and directed light to help work in small confined areas.

The LEDs are housed behind a protective lens, helping the lamp maintain maximum performance by protecting the light source. The magnet on the back of the swivel clip, means the lamp can be positioned where you need the light for hands free working.

Included are three x AAA batteries that will produce seven hours of operating time.