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Goodyear Fuelmax achieves A-grade in fuel economy

Goodyear’s Fuelmax fuel efficient truck tyre line is now available and among the range offered is the first steer tyre to be classified EU Tyre Label A-grade in fuel economy.

European fleets are now able to benefit from Goodyear’s latest tyre line, which becomes available in all European countries from the beginning of January 2014. Among the three Fuelmax families – Fuelmax S steer tyres, Fuelmax D drive tyres and Fuelmax T trailer tyres – both the steer and trailer tyre ranges offer tyres that have qualified for A-grades in fuel efficiency according to the EU Tyre Label requirements. The 385/55R22.5 Fuelmax S steer tyre is believed to be the first truck steer tyre on the market to achieve an A-grade in fuel efficiency.

The financial and ecological savings that Fuelmax can offer are considerable. An operator with a fleet of 50 trucks can save over £210,000 each year by using Fuelmax tyres in place of tyres of the same size but which have EU Tyre Label D-grade for fuel efficiency. This saving relates to over £4,000 in fuel costs plus a reduction in CO2 emissions of 8,975 kg per truck per year.

“Goodyear Fuelmax tyres really will save money thanks to the fuel economy they offer,” said Adam Stanton,Commercial Marketing Manager, Goodyear Dunlop Tyres Europe. “There are other important benefits too, not least high mileage and their versatility in terms of the winter performance of the drive tyres. On top of this, the new line is further proof of our innovative capabilities. We are proud to introduce the first A-graded steer tyre on the market. This is not the first time we have introduced a ‘first A’: we also had the first A-grade trailer tyre back in 2010. That was the Marathon LHT II, predecessor to the Fuelmax T.”

The Fuelmax line was announced in September 2013, offering the best rolling resistance of any Goodyear truck tyre for on-road applications, with a balanced overall performance. With up to a 10% improvement in rolling resistance compared to their predecessors they save money on fuel and reduce CO2 emissions; moreover, they also give up to 15% more mileage while at the same time provide greater versatility with enhanced traction. The label grades for Fuelmax tyres confirm their outstanding performance. This is illustrated by A-grades for fuel efficiency on the 385/55R22.5 Fuelmax S steer tyre and 435/50R19.5 Fuelmax T trailer tyre and predominately B-grades on the others.