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Businesses experience TecDoc efficiencies

Once they have joined the system and experienced the numerous efficiencies it brings to their businesses, the majority of TecDoc’s many official data suppliers begin to increase their use of its systems and add new functions such as websites or DIVER, its comprehensive parts analysis tool.

TecDocA good recent example of one of these businesses is BRT, who has recently switched to TecDoc to support their online catalogue. BRT’s Charlotte Merrell explains: “In order to support our growing number of customers we needed to develop our online catalogue and it was clear that TecDoc would provide us with a stable and efficient platform we could rely on.

“Although there is still a little more work to do, the site officially went live at the end of last year, and has allowed us to catalogue our 3,300 products, which include bearings, timing belt kits, tensioners and idlers clearly and concisely, and is extremely easy for users to navigate. As a result, we now have a great resource not only for our customers, but also for our growing branch network, which now stands at 20.”

More endorsement for TecDoc’s systems and processes come from the leading sites in the world of online trading as both eBay and Amazon use TecDoc for their parts cataloguing requirements. This means that the growing number of factor and retailers that are developing sites to help them expand their own online capabilities can have the confidence in the integrity of the systems they are partnering with.

One of the key principles that allows this level of reliability is the control and security of the data the suppliers hold on the system. Unfortunately, it has been known for copies of parts data that contain TecDoc’s unique codes to be released from official data suppliers. This is not only against the terms and conditions of their agreements, but one of the routes through which spurious websites can source the data they need to operate and disrupt the market.
It is therefore imperative that this ‘leakage’ is prevented and that TecDoc is solely responsible, through formalised agreements, for the use of its data and codes to ensure that they are used correctly and only available through reputable and trustworthy parties.

“For the motor factor however,” says TecDoc’s Shaun Greasley, “it’s CATALOG, the trading name of our electronic parts catalogue that will be of particular benefit to their business. It contains more than three million part numbers supported by almost two million illustrations, which covers in excess of 49,000 car and 41,000 CV applications on a platform that is compatible with all computer systems and software.