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Schaeffler introduces innovative new CV clutch repair solution

Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket (UK) Ltd has introduced an innovative new clutch repair solution for commercial vehicles into the UK automotive aftermarket.

With the LuK RepSet® SmarTAC (Travel Adjusted Clutch), LuK has produced a high-performance and long-life repair solution that’s ideal for commercial vehicles where clutch systems are designed for high mileage and long service life. It’s not uncommon to see delivery trucks achieve distances of 370,000 miles, and long haulers in excess of 620,000 miles using the new design.


Stop and go driving combined with frequent parking manoeuvres, like construction vehicles have to make, challenge the wear-resistance of CV clutches. To combat this, each LuK RepSet® SmarTAC consists of a clutch disc, pressure plate and conventional release bearing, all tuned to work precisely together and in proven original-equipment quality.

The LuK RepSet® SmarTAC is designed for maximum durability, with a precise adjustment mechanism and the latest-generation clutch lining; the LuK HD 30 Plus that also provides a dramatic increase in mileage, optimal friction values and the ultimate in comfort.

The LuK SmarTAC system began to be chosen for original fitment in CVs after debuting at the Automechanika Show in Frankfurt, Germany, in 2012. With a wear reserve nearly double that of conventional clutch systems it immediately attracted widespread interest from the CV industry.

Besides extreme demands on wear-resistance, commercial vehicles often have automatic-shift gearboxes with clutch boost controllers that use a flat clutch-pressure curve for clutch control.
And it’s precisely here that the LuK SmarTAC is employed. The adjustment process is initiated by the TAC measuring the distance during clutch engagement and disengagement.

When the distance between the pressure plate and flywheel changes, the axial amount of change is translated to the adjusting ring by a spindle with a directly-coupled pinion gear. Compensation follows with constant finger height between the pressure plate and the diaphragm spring.

And because the entire adjustment mechanism is located on the pressure plate, distortion and torsional forces have no influence on the quality of adjustment. This gives the TAC a minimum wear-range of 6mm, a true benefit as it is nearly twice as large as that of conventional clutch systems.

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