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New Colad pump spray coding rings

EMM International, has introduced a brand new Colad pump spray system with unique colour coding.

Colad Action Spray Bottle Ring
The Colad Pump Spray uses a unique Coding System to distinguish the different types of liquid content. Each Colad Pump Spray comes with a set of five different coloured Coding Rings, which are easy to apply on the pump spray bottle.

The package comes with two large Colour Identification Charts that give a clear overview of which colour matches to which content. Hang them at a visible place in your workstation and you will never grab the wrong bottle again.

Benefits of the new Colad pump spray system include:

Easy distinction and identification of fluids
Helps maintain a clean and ordered workplace.
Complies with ISO certification where applicable.
Patented and innovative system.

The Colad Pump Spray is equipped with VITON O-rings to resist both water and/or solvent based degreasers and the spray mist is adjustable to fit the job perfectly.

Fore more information on the Colad Pump Spray range contact Swifco on 087 2676415.