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Mann-Filter introduces oil filter wrenches

Mann-Filter, has introduced a unique set of oil filter wrenches in a handy storage case. These robust tools make the removal of spin-on oil filters simple, with tools clearly sorted and coming easily to hand in the workshop.


New spin-on oil filters can usually be screwed on by hand. However, removal of the “black cans” after a long period of service is generally more difficult as unscrewing requires significantly greater force.  The special wrenches are ideal tools for this purpose.

Mann-Filter offers a suitable tool for virtually all its branded spin-on oil filters in the passenger and commercial vehicle segments. Particularly in the restricted space of the engine compartment, removal using Mann-Filter wrenches is faster and simpler than with standard tools.

The wrenches can be purchased individually, as a set in a cardboard box or in a foam-lined plastic case. The set comprises nine different Mann-Filter wrenches, clearly arranged and snugly packed in made-to-measure inserts. Six of the nine wrenches are made from die cast aluminium and three from fibre-reinforced polyamide.

In addition to spin-on oil filters, they can be used for removing many fuel filters. The same applies to oil filter module housing lids, wherever removal requires a wrench.