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Bringing the blind spot into focus

Part of the fallout from the recent number of cyclists killed on UK roads, has been a criticism of the Road Transport industry, accused of not doing enough to save lives.

The truth is that the industry has spent millions over the years in R&D creating the most amazing safety products for trucks, from wide ranging mirrors, to bleepers, warning lights and sirens and probably most significantly, Blind-Spot warning systems.

As a leading supplier of parts to the commercial vehicle industry, TTC takes its responsibilities very seriously. “We offer a wide range of safety products specifically designed to protect vulnerable road users not just from large lorries, but in many cases from themselves,” Steve Garcia, TTC’s Digital Marketing and Social media expert explains.

TTC has searched the World for the best solution to this problem and noe offers the LEXGUARD Blind-Spot System. Fitted to the sides, front or back of a truck, it alerts the driver to the presence of a car, cyclist or pedestrian, and where necessary will sound an alarm telling the driver to STOP!