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Mirka celebrates 70th anniversary

Abrasives specialist, is celebrating its 70th anniversary. The company was founded in Helsinki the December, 8 1943.

Mirka’s first factory was located in rented premises in Helsinki during the Second World War. In 1962, the owners decided to move the company to Ostrobotnia in Western Finland.

The Kiitola factory was started up in Jeppo and the same year, the company also started to export products abroad. Mirka’s first own product, Jepuflex, was launched in 1964. A slightly modified version of this traditional abrasive is still being produced and is included in the company’s standard product range.

A new factory was built at the beginning of 1970’s on the same site in Jeppo, where the company’s Headquarters are located today. The start-up of the new factory was delayed and the first products, produced by Maker I and Maker II were launched at the end of 1974. The company’s first subsidiary, Mirka Abrasives Ltd was established in the UK in 1979, followed by Mirka Schleifmittel GmbH in Germany in 1980.

Through its innovative research and development program, Mirka has become a specialist in flexible abrasives, as well as revolutionary, patented abrasives which allow customers to enjoy a truly dust-free surface finishing process. Abranet, the first and the original net abrasive, has been a big success for the company during the last decade. A new World Patent, covering also the technologies of Mirka’s net products, has recently been registered. In a near future, Mirka will bring new products and solutions to the market, helping end-users to perform even better.

The company has expanded from a leading abrasive maker into a developer and manufacturer of complete sanding systems. Mirka Power Tools, established in 2010 develops and manufactures advanced sanding and polishing machines providing outstanding benefits to users.

Mirka started up its fourth production facility in May this year in Pietarsaari, Finland. Today, the company has production facilities in four different locations in Finland and one manufacturing plant for wide belts, in the same facilities as the company’s European warehouse, located in Belgium.
Last summer Mirka celebrated the inauguration of its new Technology Center located at the company’s Headquarters in Jeppo, Finland. The new Technology Center is equipped with state of the art technology including gas-heated paint boxes and an auditorium with high technology presentation facilities. Mirka Academy, with its high quality training courses is aiming to become an internationally recognised knowledge hub in the area of sanding and finishing systems.

Mirka continuously tests new methods and systematically follows up how its products perform in the field. Close cooperation with end-users is a cornerstone of this approach and ensures a steady stream of valuable feedback. Most of Mirka’s products and innovations, in fact, are developed as a result of customer input.