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Meyle UK expands range of kingpin repair kits

Meyle has developed a range of high-quality kingpin repair kits, which feature high grade materials, precision manufacturing and reliable surface hardening to distinguish them s from conventional products offered on the independent aftermarket.

Meyle repair kits are geared to the needs of repair businesses as they include the kingpin as well as the needle and axial bearings. As some of the latest additions to the product range, the company now also offers repair kits for the Mercedes-Benz ACTROS (04/96-10/02), ATEGO (01/98-10/04) and AXOR 2 (10/04–).

During operation peak loads acting on the kingpin bearing components can be as much as nine tons resulting from the overall vehicle weight, uneven road surfaces and braking forces. Wear eating away at the kingpin and the needle or axial bearings will lead to excessive play in the kingpin bearing. The result: poor roadholding and increased tyre wear. Thus, the factors determining part life are quality and workmanship of the materials used.

With its kingpin repair kit Meyle supplies independent workshops with a value-added superior-quality solution, the company says.

The Meyle parts offer threefold wear protection:

1.    Meyle kingpins are manufactured from toughened and hardened heat-treated steel.
2.    The needle bearing is made from high-strength, hard-wearing rolling bearing steel. Unlike the standard part, the Meyle design does not use the rolling bearing cage which increases overall load-bearing capacity, as the load now spreads across twice as many needles thereby maximising load-carrying performance.
3.    The axial bearings are also designed without rolling bearing cage, allowing more rolling bodies to be used, which again adds extra load-carrying capacity.

Surface hardness and core strength are two of the critical specifications which determine the quality of the Meyle repair components and are therefore monitored by in-process controls.

The complete Meyle repair kit including bearings and kingpins is now also available for the Mercedes-Benz ACTROS (04/96-10/02), ATEGO (01/98-10/04) and AXOR 2 (10/04–) under the Meyle ref. 034 033 0061/S1.

The range of products also features repair kits for all popular Mercedes and MAN models rounded out by solutions covering major Scania, Volvo, RVI, Dennis and DAF applications.