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Isotrak and Wabco take lead in HGV safety improvements

Special integration between Isotrak fleet management solutions and Wabco’s advanced electronic braking systems (EBS) is set to make trailers safer. The integrated safety system provides real-time monitoring of the trailer EBS, notifying drivers and back office staff of the health of the braking system, roll stability activation alarms, door openings and temperature information if connected to the trailer refrigeration unit.

The development is particularly important as new analysis of research commissioned by Campaign for Better Transport has shown that last year HGVs were implicated in more than half of fatal motorway accidents and one-in-five fatal accidents on A-roads, continuing worrying trends over the last five years.


Wabco’s EBS provides high comfort braking, increases safety and improves brake stability, it also significantly reduces total cost of ownership over vehicle lifetime. The information provided by the system also helps with evaluating training needs, improving security through axle load and door sensors, alerts fleet managers of diagnostic issues through red light diagnostic warning lamp alerts, and lowers maintenance costs through the use of brake pad wear monitoring.

The system feeds back real-time information, including actual speed and odometer readings to back office systems, which gives transport operators full visibility of trailer movements together with utilisation metrics. Fleet operators can also monitor roll stability events in addition to red and amber warning lights.

“By working in partnership with Wabco, we are helping improve road safety. The combination of Isotrak vehicle tracking and Wabco EBS provides 24/7 visibility of all trailers to give greater control over their operation and usage.

Accurate trailer management is also reducing operational costs by up to 10 percent for our customers. We are not only helping make HGV trailers safer to use, we are also enabling fleet operators to optimise their fleets and take unnecessary equipment off the road because they can quickly identify underutilised trailers,” says Megan Turner, Head of Marketing, Isotrak.