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Ring automotive has Christmas all wrapped up

Finding the right presents, especially for mechanics can be tough, but as all mechanics, and men generally, like nothing more than tools, be original and get them gifts from Ring’s range of workshop tools.

RBS50-in-situ RIL4000
Top of the list is the brand new RIL4000 inspection. This ultra-bright, magnetic and flexible LED inspection lamp, will brighten up any workshop. What makes it different to other lamps is the use of Strip LED technology, that produces a light output that is 4 x brighter than with 21 standard LEDs.

The lamp is also packed with additional features, such and powerful magnets and hooks for hands free working. It is also rechargeable and cordless give greater flexibility of work around the car. Being built from polycarbonate it is tough enough to withstand the robust nature of work shop environments.

RIL50 Pocket Lamp
Another inspection lamp that makes a great stocking filler is Rings RIL50 inspection lamp.
Being pockets size, it is also a great tool for mechanics to have on the their person, for quick inspections.

For its size and with only 8 LEDs, the RIL50 produces and great beam of light; up to 13ft wide and 25ft in front when used outdoors.


A borescope is a flexible, bendy inspection camera with integrated screen. Ring Automotive has 4 hand held borescopes for the garage or workshop.
The borescopes are an ideal tool for inspecting areas which are difficult to reach saving time and making work more efficient.. The flexible camera probe is able to look inside narrow gaps and pipes, making it easy to inspect, diagnose and fix potential faults on engine, gearbox and wiring systems.

The four borescopes RBS50,RBS100, RBS200 and RBS300 either have a 2.4” colour screen with video output or in the case of the RBS50 a USB connection for real-time viewing on a larger screen and video recording. The RBS200 & RBS300 also have memory cards for picture and video recording.