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New merger to create TecAlliance

Europe’s leading parts information data provider TecDoc and its two sister organisations, TecCom and TecRMI, have officially merged to form a new combined group named TecAlliance. The merger completes the restructuring process that began 12 months ago with the acquisition of AuDaCon AG and results in the formation of a worldwide electronic parts, service and order management triumvirate.

The name TecAlliance unifies the three brands, which remain separate organisations under the TecAlliance umbrella, but brings them closer together so that the three elements can grow in harmony and to the mutual benefit of the independent parts aftermarket. The shared brand acronym ‘Tec’ raises awareness and underscores the three companies affiliation under the TecAlliance banner.

Commenting on the merger, commercial director for UK and Ireland, Shaun Greasley said: “Both TecDoc, with its reputation for comprehensive product and vehicle data information and TecCom, with its business to business connectivity are well known aftermarket brands with a shared history. Therefore their merger is probably not unexpected and is a logical progression. However, with TecRMI, although a far less familiar name, making up the third member of the group, we are now able to join the links between all sectors of the aftermarket.

“The key to cost savings through the supply chain is to be able to efficiently and effectively communicate from sector to sector the information that is relevant to each. By closing ranks under the TecAlliance umbrella we increase our ability to deliver this level of communication.
“TecDoc provides its users with an unrivalled level of up-to-date information for the identification of replacement parts for cars, light commercial and heavy duty vehicles. This data comes in a standardised catalogue format directly from the participating vehicle parts makers, which means its accuracy is first class.

“TecCom offers a number of solutions for the automation and optimisation of business processes between wholesalers and manufacturers. The aim of which is to reduce the cost of delivery, availability and returns processes as well as inventory management.

“TecRMI reaches directly to installer level and supplies them with repair and maintenance information supplied directly from automotive manufacturers, and as this information is also in a standard format, it is suitable for integration into modern information systems.

“The three elements work to complement each other, while each also provides the solution specific to its sector, which will ultimately bring benefits across the entire aftermarket. As a result the merger is a natural development that will be welcomed by the industry at every level.”