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Maxol Lubricants joins VLS

Maxol Lubricants has joined VLS (Verification of Lubricant Specification). VLS, a not-for-profit subsidiary of the United Kingdom Lubricants Association (UKLA). 

The aim of Verification of Lubricant Specification (VLS) – is to protect consumers of lubricants from purchasing products that make incorrect claims by providing an independent, objective, credible and trusted means to challenge and verify lubricant specifications and performance claims.


All too often,lubricants can be misrepresented which do not conform to the specifications and performance claimed by their marketers, placing consumers and equipment at risk and distorting the market, which ultimately damages the reputation of the industry.

VLS appreciates that, in some cases, this misrepresentation is due to a genuine lack of understanding and, as an organisation, realises that it must strive to increasethe level of specification education for consumers and marketers alike. Equally, it recognises that the vastmajority of lubricants supplied into the UK and Ireland markets are completely fit for purpose.

Commenting on Maxol Lubricants VLS membership, Owen O’Neill General Manager, commented: “We welcome the introduction of VLS, an independent association and believe that it has an important role to play in our industry. Transparency and product quality are absolute requirements in our business and we believe by joining VLS, this sets the example for all of the players in the market. It also provides further reassurance and confidence to all consumers and compliments our recent new launch of our lubricants range and most importantly strengthens our position as Irelands’ most trusted lubricant suppliers.”

Speaking about Maxol’s VLS membership, Rod Pesch – Director General, UKLA said, “Since its inception in September 2013, support for the United Kingdom Lubricant Association’s not-for-profit subsidiary VLS has seen rapid growth.  Injust two months we have seen membership grow to include many of the UK’s leading lubricant companies, eager to support the VLS initiative.  Forthis reason I welcome Maxol into the association which we trust will ensurefair play to the lubricants market and guarantee quality products to the consumer”.