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RE-Tech UK launches EyeCap

Technology company RE-Tech UK, has launched an unique and advanced electronic fuel cap device ‘EyeCap’ which is being rolled out nationally to counteract the ever expanding war on fuel theft.  reports that with rising diesel costs, fuel theft has become an increasing problem effecting councils, haulage firms, construction companies, transport managers and fleet owners up and down the country. It can occur anywhere – at overnight parks, depots, laybys. It can also happen to any vehicle, generator or plant equipment, no one and nowhere is safe. Organised crime across the UK are cashing in on either reselling the fuel or using it for their own consumption.

Fuel theft within the commercial vehicle market has, to some extent, always been accepted as part of the operational cost. Operators have been aware of the problem but never really realised how much in terms of money is being lost from their bottom line. However with the rising fuel costs and the aid of new technology this problem is slowly being addressed.

Richard Edwards, MD of RE-Tech UK comments : “There is a whole range of anti-siphon devices on the market, which is the first step to a preventative strategy. However these devices have limitations. Some don’t prevent skimming on a regular basis of small amounts of diesel, some have huge holes or are easily accessible for small pipes, some even have structures that can be drilled, bent or forced to allow siphoning. Whilst they can initially be a deterent They do not provide enough information to actually analyze the situation and issue no warning to events as and when they happen, the problem is also extending to company employees, where there has been several reported cases of fuel theft by employees”

EyeCap solves these problems. If the EyeCap is tampered with or removed from the tank, or even when it senses a puncture in the tank, a real time signal is sent monitoring the date, time, duration and location. These details can be filtered through any tracking system with the functionality to report such events., which can, in turn, trigger an alarm, CCTV, in-cab buzzers and/or even issue text/email alerts to your mobile or inbox. The tracking and CCTV aspect of the EyeCap is also vital for stamping out fuel theft by employees, as it could tell you whether the theft occurred whilst the driver should have been in the vehicle, or whether it would have been unmanned at that point.

EyeCap can be specifically designed with your fleet in mind so that the cap is a perfect fit for your vehicles, and the effects are tailored to your needs.