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New Standofleet clear with anti-graffiti property from Standox

The VOC-compliant Standofleet 2K HS Plus Clear from Standox represents a new clearcoat technology for commercial vehicle refinishing. The new system is characterised by exceptionally high sagging resistance, easy processing and innovative anti-graffiti protection.

“The anti-graffiti property of the new Standofleet clear is a great advantage for commercial vehicles,” says Jodie Henly, Standox brand specialist. “Thanks to its high mechanical and chemical resistance, unsightly graffiti can be completely removed using standard cleaning agents without changing the appearance of the paintwork. Even if the same area is cleaned repeatedly, the finish of the paint is preserved.”


Different HS hardeners can be used to adjust the clear to the respective requirements – for instance for different sized areas. For the anti-graffiti effect, Standox recommends mixing the clear 5:3 with a Standofleet HS hardener. Application tests have verified the effectiveness of the graffiti protection, and to illustrate this Standox has produced a corresponding demonstration video which can be viewed on the Standox YouTube channel:

“To achieve the increased sagging resistance, a special binding agent has been added to the new Standofleet Clear, making it especially suitable for rivets, joins, ladders, wires and cables on commercial vehicle superstructures, so that sagging in these critical areas is prevented,” continues Henly. “Standofleet 2K HS Plus Clear shows perfect flow properties on large surfaces, and its application is easy and efficient.”

The new Standofleet clear is also suited for one visit application, which not only saves time – as no intermediate flash-off is required – but also helps to reduce material consumption and to optimise workflows in commercial vehicle refinishing.

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