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IMI in Ireland wants automotive technicians registered

The Institute of the Motor industry in Ireland is calling for the establishment on register of automotive technicians in a bid to driving motor industry standards.

David-O-NeillThe call comes from David O’Neill, IMI Leinster branch chairman, who says registration could follow the same format as the Professional Register in the UK.

He said: “It is a little more than strange that our Gas and Electric installations and accessories must be installed by a qualified technician with e.g. RGI and RECI accredited technicians respectfully. And yet to this day we have not seen any move towards regulation for the Irish Motor Industry, for the people that maintain and service thousands of vehicles on our Irish roads every day. This is not a plea for a good Garage Guide many of which have tried and failed, no this is about the individuals employed within the Irish Motor Industry.’

O’Neill says the proposed regulation could provide:

  • Consumer confidence when dealing with a professional registered Employee or Technician.
  • Change public perception
  • Ensuring current and future skills needs are met.
  • Develop skilled leaders and managers to deliver change.
  • Employers and Employees who are fully Tax/revenue/rates, compliant etc.
  • Quality repairs and quality service, (Accountability)
  • Environmentally compliant with safe disposal of waste products etc.
  • Health and safety compliant.
  • Fully insured, public liability, etc.
  • Employment of apprentices and general increase in staff numbers returning to a real Industry and not a cottage Industry.
  • Working to a Publically Available Standard (PAS) and Automotive Technician Accreditation (ATA).
  • Higher return on investment (ROI) and reduced cost and waste.
  • Higher customer satisfaction and business retention.
  • Reduced employee churn and Job dissatisfaction.