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Holts’ Bradex makes for an Easy Start

With the onset of wet autumn weather on the horizon, motor mechanics and recovery service technicians can prepare for increased occurrences of engine starting problems with Bradex Easy Start.

Holts-Bradex2An engine that repeatedly fails to start could be symptomatic of ignition circuit problems or fuel starvation.  An effective first step towards diagnosing the problem is to apply Bradex Easy Start, which helps to tackle common ignition problems and can be used on all petrol and diesel engines.
The trusted market leader for decades, Bradex Easy Start’s unique formula gets to work instantly.  The low flash-point formula effectively increases the combustibility of the initial fuel air mixture, boosting the ignition quality and making it easier to start the engine.

Bradex Easy Start contains a unique blend of ingredients that also help lubricate the upper cylinder to reduce friction and wear on initial start-up, particularly in low temperatures.  In fact, it is now proven to work at temperatures as low as -20°C.

Bradex Easy Start is suitable for use with any petrol or diesel engine, including those in cars, motorbikes, trucks, tractors and boats.  It is also an ideal aid to help start machinery such as generators, agricultural and industrial machinery or garden equipment after long periods of inactivity.

The product’s new label incorporates simple icons and an application chart to highlight its many uses, as well as straightforward instructions for use.

Peter Los, Category Manager for Holts, said: “Bradex is the first choice solution when an engine won’t start.  Its unique blend of low flash-point ingredients makes it an extremely effective and safe engine starting aid.  Bradex is already a favourite among professional motor mechanics and vehicle recovery services thanks to its outstanding and dependable performance.”

Using Bradex Easy Start couldn’t be simpler.  For petrol engines, it should be sprayed into the air intake prior to the engine being started; for diesels, it should be sprayed into the air intake while the engine is turning over.

Bradex Easy Start is available in a 300ml aerosol can.  It is produced in the UK by Holt Lloyd International, a British manufacturer that prides itself on developing premium products that complete the job first time, which the professional user can trust, and that is available at a competitive price.  The full range of Holts Professional products is available from motor factors.  More information is available by calling + 44 (0) 161 866 4843.