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Have you got your trailer axle and suspension bible?

TTC has a long established and enviable reputation for its range of trailer axle and suspension components The TTC catalogue has always remained a firm favourite amongst its customer base, both at distributor level and workshop level and has often been referred to as the ‘industry bible’ due to its comprehensive diagrams of axle assemblies and suspension components.

TTC-copyMalcolm England, Senior Product Manager at TTC said: “The range of components is vast and ranges from road springs and trailing arms through to bushes, bearings and air bags.  All the trailer axle and suspension components have a tough life, being exposed to harsh road conditions with potholes, water spray and road salt in the winter period all taking their toll.”

“Whilst the rubber compounds that are used in truck and trailer suspension systems are very durable, components do not last indefinitely and now is the time to rectify the wear and tear that has resulted from last winters’ harsh weather.  Water and salt from the roads will have penetrated many axle bush components and caused wear throughout the summer season.  Air bags, a longstanding favourite amongst TTC customers, will show signs of wet rot where moisture within the air system damages the air spring from the inside.”

Additionally, as the rubber ages it becomes less flexible and punctures to the air bag may be caused from debris on the road. Air bags can also suffer circumferential abrasion and chaffing due to worn suspension bushes. All of these issues will ultimately lead to component failure. TTC stock a comprehensive range of Continental, Phoenix and Primeride air springs to cater for the requirements of a wide range of CV fleet operators.”

For many customers and workshops, when it comes to replacement components, often it is more than just the suspension bush that requires replacing, wear can be present in the sleeve and pins or bolts.

TTC has recently extended the range of TTC quality alternative axle and suspension components to include axle bush kits for popular applications. A complete beam end bush kit TTC50875 is now available that enables TTC distributors to stock and supply all of the components that are most likely required for the CV workshop to undertake the refurbishment.

Whilst workshops will have developed many innovative ways of removing axle suspension bushes, TTC has recently introduced some specialist axle bush removal and installation tools to make life easier, save time, and ultimately, for the CV operator, save money from reduced vehicle downtime.

The most recent Edition 14 has also been made available on-line where individual pages can be printed on demand for supply with components to aid identification and application.  Visit follow the ‘ Catalogues’ option and download PDF versions.