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ContiTech reduces vibrations in industrial vehicles

Vibrations can be a real problem in industrial vehicles. Absorber systems from ContiTech Vibration Control not only ensure selective reduction of vibrations but also enhance comfort and user-friendliness – even when retrofitted.

Absorbers can be specially modified in line with specific requirements and installation space. “Their operating principle is really quite simple,” says Dr. Stefan Narberhaus, head of Industrial Development at ContiTech Vibration Control.

“Absorbers comprise a mass, usually made of steel, which vibrates in antiphase to the annoying vibrations. They also contain a spring, made of elastomer, which combines spring-type and cushioning characteristics.”

ContiTech offers a broad range of absorber designs, including conventional absorbers comprising a mass and spring. Hydraulic absorbers additionally feature an integrated fluid system to dampen the movement of the absorbing mass. By adjusting the fluid system, the absorber and dampening effects can be optimised individually and independently. Thanks to their simple construction, a modular system, and integrated breakaway resistance, they can be used universally.

ContiTech has also tested active absorber systems in standard production vehicles. In addition to the mass and spring, these active systems feature an electric actuator and work based on the principle of electronically regulated counter-vibrations. The concept can also be easily deployed in industrial vehicles.

Depending on the application, they can have different roles. As internal tube vibration absorbers, they are installed in the centre of the drive shaft to reduce bending vibrations. Brake absorbers are screwed onto the brake caliper and reduce the noise generated there, while leaf spring absorbers help to reduce noise in vans. Clamped onto the leaf spring via body panels and backing plates, they help to reduce bending vibrations.