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Catloc – your Sprinter’s best defence against Cat theft

There has been a significant increase in the theft of Catalytic Converters, stolen for the resale value of the precious metals from which they are made.

In a bid to reduce catalytic converter theft, Mercedes-Benz has launched its Catloc® Security Device, which has been developed specifically for the Euro 5 Sprinter vehicle.


The metal case of the catalytic converter contains a ceramic honeycombed structure coated in precious metals – platinum, palladium and rhodium.

These metals act as catalysts for the reactions that ‘clean’ the particles emitted from the exhaust system. Thieves simply cut the catalytic converter from the exhaust pipe of a parked vehicle and sell them on to scrap metal dealers.

The Catloc Security Device protects your vehicle’s catalytic converter by attaching a specially-created metal plate. This is secured on to the underside of your vehicle using tamper-proof fixings.

To protect your Sprinter against catalytic converter theft, call your local Mercedes-Benz Commercial dealer to fit a Catloc today from just €169 +VAT fitted.