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ATE advises on professional brake fluid changes

ATE is offering garages a comprehensive service system for professional brake fluid changes.

ATE2The ATE product range includes DOT 3 and DOT 4 brake fluids for near-classic and classic cars as well as high-performance brake fluids for ESP® systems and racing. Most manufacturers now fill their brake systems in the factory with a low-viscosity DOT 4, Class 6 (ISO 4925) brake fluid. Here genuine ATE SL.6 brake fluid, with its many applications, is perfect for brake fluid changes. This high-performance brake fluid can be used in all vehicles built from 1990 onwards and was developed especially for use in electronic brake control systems. It has very low viscosity, high dry and wet boiling points, improved lubricity and enhanced corrosion protection.

For special applications like racing, ATE offers the type 200 and Super Blue Racing brake fluids, which have excellent water-binding characteristics and a minimal drop in boiling point.

Brake fluid must be changed at regular intervals. Because it is subject to wear, it should be renewed every two to three years depending on the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications. In hydraulic brake systems brake fluid plays a key role as the transmitter of brake pressure. In addition, it lubricates the hydraulic components and protects them from corrosion.