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Goodyear launches Kmax and Fuelmax tyres

Goodyear has unveiled two new truck tyre lines – Kmax and Fuelmax. These brand new tyres will help lower fleets’ operating costs thanks to the extended mileage and low rolling resistance they offer.

A recent survey of European fleets, commissioned by Goodyear confirms that today’s vehicle operators have a different approach to buying tyres: they prefer to base their tyre choice on performance rather than tyre application. Kmax and Fuelmax will help them make an easier, business-oriented choice.

The Goodyear Kmax range, as the name implies, has been developed for improved mileage performance, while not compromising on other important criteria such as fuel efficiency and traction. Likewise the Goodyear Fuelmax range is for the operator seeking to optimise fuel efficiency combined with good mileage.


The survey also shows that the most important performance area for operators is rolling resistance, which directly influences fuel efficiency. Of the fleets interviewed, 77% classified this as “very important” or “extremely important”. Mileage (76%) and wet grip (75%) classified second and third.

“We believe that Kmax and Fuelmax will make selecting new tyres much easier for fleet managers,” said Boris Stevanovic, Marketing Director Truck Tires EMEA, Goodyear Dunlop Tires Europe. “This is because the savings they offer are clear and that will help the success of their businesses. The benefits will not only be thanks to their greater mileage and fuel economy, but also because of their versatility and winter performance capabilities.”

“We are very excited about these new tyres,” said Stephen Lynch, Marketing Manager Goodyear Dunlop Tires Ireland. “The Goodyear Kmax will be the perfect tyre for most Irish truck operators, who want the highest possible mileage from their tyres, and the Goodyear Fuelmax ideal for those who are involved particularly in continental transport and for whom fuel economy is most important.”

The new tyres, which meet fleets’ top priorities, replace the successful Goodyear Long Haul and Regional Haul ranges, which included the Regional RHS II, RHD II+ and RHT II tyres as well as the frugal Marathon LHS II+, LHD II+ and LHT II tyres and can be used for both long haul and regional haul applications.