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Federal-Mogul introduces new high performance spark plug ceramic

Federal-Mogul has introduced a new high performance spark plug ceramic to address increasing thermal and voltage demands of high-output petrol engines.

Called SureFire Plus, the new spark plug ceramic technology delivers higher voltages, extends plug life and packages efficiently into the crowded cylinder heads of multi-valve downsized engines.

SureFire Plus is a step-change technology, derived from the company’s SureFire plug launched in 2008.

Advanced ceramic insulator materials enable SureFire Plus plugs to deliver voltages of 42kV or more, compared to 36kV previously. Higher spark voltages permit the use of leaner fuel mixtures, enabling increased engine performance and/or better fuel economy while reducing CO2 emissions. The improved ceramic performance also enables a reduction in the size of the spark plug, from 14mm down to 12mm or 10mm, according to customer requirements.