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Continental unveils new bus and coach tyres

With the ever increasing environmental and safety requirements placed on tyres in the passenger sector, Continental has for the first time created a range specifically for that market. The new tyres, Conti Urban, Conti CityPlus and Conti Coach have been designed to meet all the requirements within their specific application as well as help operators to lower their overall costs.

The new Conti Urban city bus tyre for example has an extremely robust casing design, with reinforced side walls to allow it to withstand constant acceleration, braking and curb contact in bus bays. It combines ride comfort and operating safety with a 20 percent longer life that can be further extended by retreading and regrooving. The tyre also benefits from reduced rolling resistance. The Conti Urban HA3 is available in sizes 275/70R22.5 and 315/60R22.5 as well as an M+S version for fitment on all axles and in all weather conditions.

This new regional coach tyre, Conti CityPlus provides outstanding all-round performance. It combines excellent economy due to its extended mileage, retreading and regrooving capabilities and optimised rolling resistance, with a high level of driving comfort and operating safety. Further benefits include a thicker sidewall to protect the tyre from damage as well as enhanced wet braking capabilities provided by the new 3D tread structure. The Conti CityPlus tyre, developed for use on all axles, is available in size 295/80R22.5 as an M+S version for all weather conditions.

The Conti Coach HA3 tyre has been developed to meet the demand for constant high speeds and a wide range of operating temperatures. Reliable long-distance handling and the lowest possible rolling resistance are critical in this application, resulting in a tyre which provides good longitudinal and lateral grip, directional stability, precise steering and excellent wet handling performance over the whole life of the tyre.

In addition its special sipe tread design significantly reduces noise while the tyre’s lighter weight helps reduce both fuel consumption and the materials used in production. The Conti Coach HA3 will be available for long-distance usage in sizes 295/80R22.5 and 315/80R22.5 for fitment on all axles.

Finally, Continental also offers a specially designed coach tyre for winter usage with the Conti Coach HSW2 SCANDINAVIA.

In addition to the new generation 3 bus and coach tyres, visitors to the Continental stand at Coach & Bus Live will be able to discuss their innovative new TPMS system, ContiPressureCheck. With over 90 per cent of all tyre failures preceded by slow leaks, identifying a failure early on is important. It not only prevents punctures, but also lowers operating costs by preventing the inevitable higher rolling resistance of under-inflated tyres and subsequent increase in fuel consumption.

ContiPressureCheck measures the pressure and temperature of each individual tyre every few seconds and delivers the results to the driver information display. The measuring device is a single module with integrated sensors, data processor and communication system, housed in a rubber container that is glued to the inner surface of the tyre tread. This has the advantage of protecting it from impact and means the sensors can measure temperature data directly in the tyre without obstructing tyre fitting.