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Fitting quality replacement bulb makes sense – Autoparts Express

In the current economic climate, it actually makes more sense than ever to fit a quality replacement bulb, because the complexity of modern engine bays often makes it a difficult and time consuming process to fit a replacement headlamp, that’s the advice from Autoparts Express, distributors of the Philips range of automotive lighting

Philips-Lighting2Fitting a poor quality bulb that is likely to fail prematurely can lead to a loss of customer goodwill and the need to spend time, at the workshop’s cost, fitting a further bulb to replace the failed item. Why run the risk of either scenario?

The Philips range offers a quality halogen bulb to suit all needs – from the Vision, which despite being the entry-level bulb, still offers 30 per cent more light than the industry standard, through to the very popular, multi award-winning X-tremeVision, which gives 100 per cent more light than a standard bulb and is the brightest legal halogen headlamp yet made – yet still has a longer life than less powerful competitor bulbs.

For more information on the Philips range contact Autoparts Express on 01 460 0060