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U-Go for portable air conditioning

 Autoclima, the Italian air conditioning specialists, has unveiled a portable air conditioning unit that is perfect for HGV applications.U-go

Celebrating 50 years in business this year, the U-Go is a portable air conditioning unit that offers all the convenience of a fixed unit, with the same technical, technological and qualitive components.

There’s no installation costs, and fleets only need to buy air conditioning units for those vehicls that actually need air conditioning.

Autoclima, says the units are battery powered, and do no not consume fuel to cool or heat the cabin. The U-Go is maintenance free and because it is portable, it can be emoved from the cabin, when not needed.





The U-Go simply plugs in to a 24 volt socket, and there is no need to drill holes or make any modifications to the cabin. The unit will fit snugly on the dashboard, in a storage locker, in the bunk, or in the footwell.

The unit offers perfect air difusion through two big adjustable louvres. Flexible ducts can be fitted to the louvres to bring the fresh air to specific areas of the cabin if required.

The U-GO’s CPU automatically controls the blowers speed and temperature. The unit comes with a remote control, and cools, heats and dehumifies as required.

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