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Sava launches new range of 17.5” truck tyres

Sava Tyres, southeast Europe’s leading tyre manufacturer, is launching a new range of 17.5” truck tyres for regional and local delivery vehicles. The range comprises three tyre types; the Avant 4 is for steer axles, the Orjak 4 for drive axles and the Cargo 4 for trailers.

The new tyres are designed to meet the needs of the cost-conscious vehicle operator engaged predominately in regional haul and/or delivery operations. The tyres are suited for a wide range of vehicles including articulated trucks, rigids and a wide range of trailers.

Avant 4
The Avant 4 regional steer tyre tread design has three double ribs, which ensure balanced pressure distribution, a low wear rate and an even wear profile, and its high blading density provides good wet braking. The carcass construction gives a lower heat build-up for good durability.

Other features and benefits of the Avant 4 include a high wearable rubber volume for improved mileage, stiff shoulder ribs for road handling and lateral stability, and a wide bladed zone for high mileage as well as superior traction and braking. Noise is kept low thanks to the staggered tread blocks and stone penetration protectors ensure a high level of durability.

Orjak 4
The Orjak 4 drive tyre has a specific block type tread pattern for good traction and wet braking. This wide tread has an open tread design to promote traction and a high wearable volume to ensure good mileage. The Orjak 4 also has a carcass construction for reduced heat build-up and therefore good durability.

In addition, the five-rib connected solid tread blocks provide even wear, good resistance to chunking and damage plus rear axle stability for better handling. Computer optimized block shape gives low impact noise, even wear and good traction. Other benefits include low noise and reduced rolling resistance in comparison with its predecessor the

Orjak 3
The Orjak 4 is available in sizes:

205/75 R 17.5 124/122 M

215/75 R 17.5 126/124 M

225/75 R 17.5 129/127 M

235/75 R 17.5 132/130 M

Cargo 4
The Cargo 4 is a trailer tyre with a wide application range for all types of trailer including low platform versions. It has an optimized tread pattern with grouped centre ribs, which provides high mileage, good vehicle stability and low rolling resistance for fuel economy. The new carcass construction, as with the other new Sava tyres, means less heat build-up for better durability.

Its mold cavity shape gives the benefit of even wear due to optimum contact pressure distribution. In addition to this, deep tread blades across the centre area reduce heel and toe wear and provide good wet performance. Rib edge sipes further improve the wear characteristics and the groove geometry is designed to reduce stone holding for greater durability.

The Cargo 4 is available in sizes:

215/75 R 17.5 135/133 J

235/75 R 17.5 143/141 J

All the new Sava tyres are regroovable and retreadable.