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Michelin performs for Co. Derry civil engining firm

A civil engineering company in Co. Derry has claimed that a Michelin radial tyre fitted to a skid-steer loader will outlast seven cross-ply tyres from some of its cheaper rivals.

RT Boyd runs a fleet of three skid-steer loaders, which operate from 8.30am till 4.30pm daily, working on the company’s road maintenance contracts around Northern Ireland.

The company found that the cross-ply tyres which are commonly fitted as original equipment on new machines often need replacing within just weeks, particularly during warm summer conditions when tyre wear increases.Michelin-derry

But Managing Director Robert Boyd has overhauled the fleet and is now specifying all loaders be fitted with Michelin’s BibSteel Hard Surface tyres, as wear dictates.

Since the first BibSteel Hard Surface tyres entered service last year he has been delighted with the results.

Boyd said: “For a while we were replacing the cross-ply tyres with like-for-like rubber, but we found it simply doesn’t make financial or operational sense to buy a cheap cross-ply tyre and keep replacing it. We found the back tyres were lasting about three weeks and the front tyres only a little longer.

“The difference of fitting a Michelin radial tyre is amazing. On one Bobcat machine a Michelin tyre has outlasted seven tyres from one of the cheaper brands. We’ve just ordered eight new BibSteel Hard Surface tyres from our local Michelin specialist, JB Tyres, and will be continuing to fit them across the fleet.

“Fitting Michelin radial tyres means there are fewer punctures, fewer repairs and so reduced downtime, plus the overall tyre life increases massively. As a small business, this is brilliant for us.”

The Michelin BibSteel Hard Surface tyre is specially-designed for skid-steer loaders and is manufactured for machines working on asphalt and other hard abrasive surfaces. The tyre features a steel casing and steel belts for outstanding puncture resistance and the long-life tread design ensures excellent performance and manoeuvrability on hard and smooth surfaces.

JB Tyres – based in Magherafelt,, is one of the largest agricultural and plant-tyre specialists within the Michelin Exelagri dealer network. The Michelin Exelagri partnership was launched in 2004 and aims to highlight tyre dealers who offer an increased level of professionalism and expertise within the agricultural market, thereby providing the best possible service for customers.

A tyre centre can only be classified as a Michelin Exelagri dealer after proving they offer superior standards of service, including the cleanliness of their workshops and the quality of advice given to customers.