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Gates powering Smartphone app innovation

Gates’ PIC (Parts Image Capture) Gauge is an easy-to-use smartphone App that accurately and reliably evaluates belt wear. It is the first digital tool available, designed to be used by professional technicians to more accurately diagnose multi-ribbed belt wear.

Gates-PIC-gauge-Gates PIC gaugeAs EPDM belts age, they gradually lose rubber material. This material loss results in weakened belt performance. If a multi-ribbed belt fails, it could damage other accessory belt drive components.

With Gates’ PIC Gauge App garage mechanics can quickly determine whether to keep or replace the belt. This way they avoid costly breakdowns or potentially dangerous situations for the motorist.

The PIC Gauge uses patent-pending digital imaging technology and industry-standard specifications to determine the amount of material loss of the belt. The results are immediate and can be stored and retrieved for future reference.

PIC Gauge uses a photograph taken with the smartphone’s built-in camera and uses patent-pending technology to determine the degree of rib wear on an accessory belt. The material loss of the belt is analyzed and returns one of three belt recommendations: within specification, wear detected or replace belt.

One in five vehicles on the road needs a new multi-ribbed belt. Accurate detection of belt wear can lead to better replacement recommendations, satisfied customers and increased sales.

The App might be used on or off the engine. It is free from the Apple App Store or Google Play store. For more information or to access the ‘how-to’ guide, visit: