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Texa launches Axone Truck Service

Diagnostic specialists Texa has launched a new handheld diagnostic tool, that has been designed specifically for commercial vehicle applications.


The Axone Truck Service as been developed by Texa with one clear objective in mind: to provide a simple tool for everyday vehicle service and maintenance work.

As vehicle service procedures and certain mechanical repairs now require some form of electronic reset, every workshop technician will need access to a tool that can perform this quickly and simply to ensure that the job is completed.

The Axone Truck Service differs from Texa’s current range of Diagnostic tools, in both hardware and software, and where a diagnostic tool will offer a complete range of information, the service tools will only provide the Service Reset Functions; the service related adjustments e.g. Clutch and Suspension calibration as well as a vehicle check.

This vehicle check is designed to allow a technician to scan all the electronic vehicle systems for fault code during a service, so he can ensure that any potential problems are identified while the vehicle is in the workshop.

An additional support feature is the vehicle service information included within the ‘Service’ software which provides technicians with information such as service sheets, technical information for tightening torques, lubricant type and filling capacities etc., and wheel alignment.

The Axone Truck Service is a handheld unit, with a colour touchscreen display which communicates via a direct cable connection to the vehicle’s diagnostic socket, with software to allow the operator to access the desired function simply and directly.