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New filter brand for truck and bus market

The Sogefi Group has launched a new, high quality filter brand exclusively tailored for light commercial vehicles, trucks & buses: Sogefi Pro.

The new brand is replacing all the heavy duty  filters that were previously offered under Sogefi’s Purflux, FRAM®, CoopersFiaam and Tecnocar brands. It is also integrating 80 brand new part numbers, never available from Sogefi before. Overall, a complete programme of more than 500 part numbers is now available from Sogefi Pro.

The launch of Sogefi Pro meets the needs of one of the most important segments of the parts market in Europe. Today 10 to 15 per cent of the activity of wholesale distributors in Europe covers the heavy duty needs of light commercial vehicles, trucks and buses.

Sogefi Andrea_Taschini 1
Andrea Taschini

Andrea Taschini, General Manager of Sogefi Aftermarket Division, confirmed: “One of aims of the Sogefi Pro brand is to make it easier for Sogefi’s customers to source heavy duty filters. The completion of our heavy duty range and the launch of the new Sogefi Pro  brand gives our customers the opportunity to expand their offering in the currently difficult marketplace. The heavy duty field requires high quality products. Sogefi is a OE supplier, so we have the know-how and competences needed.”

“For our traditional car parts distributor customers, the trucks and buses segment is becoming more and more important,” he added. “Car parts distributors across Europe are investing in this segment. In response to this, Sogefi created Sogefi Pro to meet customer demand.” Firstly there is volume: up to 11 different filters can be needed for a single truck. Secondly, there is the benefit of frequency: a heavy duty vehicle needs to have around six filters changed each year, versus two for cars.

The launch reflects Sogefi’s aims of capitalising on its strong OEM heritage for trucks and buses through a fresh brand launch across all the company’s European markets, under a continued, ‘umbrella brand’ concept. For this reason the truck and buses filters that, until now, have been available under Sogefi’s established brands – Purflux, FRAM®, CoopersFiaam and Tecnocar (Italy only) – will now be offered under a single, new segment dedicated brand – Sogefi Pro.