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Catloc reaches significant milestone

One of Catloc’s bespoke OE approved products has reached the milestone of 10,000 units.  The Catloc 1003 product was designed specifically for Mercedes Benz Sprinter van models.


Thieves in the UK are targeting catalytic converters – located in the exhaust system – because of the high value of the precious metals they contain, which includes platinum, rhodium and palladium.

Opportunistic thieves simply cut the catalytic converter from the exhaust pipe of a parked vehicle and sell them on to unscrupulous scrap metal dealers.Organised gangs operate, targeting ‘at risk’ vehicles and steal to order Catalytic Converters for their considerable second hand value.

Larger vehicles such as 4x4s, Vans and Motor homes are especially vulnerable because their high ground clearance means the converters are more accessible.

It’s clearly a huge problem – and this is where Catloc comes in. The Catloc is a highly secure and cost effective catalytic converter theft protection device.

All  Catloc kits use high quality components and for maximum effectiveness completely protect against easy access to the converter from below the vehicle. They also come with ISR protection as standard. The ISR marking will deter thieves, and the registration kit securely etches a unique code which can be immediately identified by calling the ISR.

Paul Chase is Managing Director of Catloc, the company he formed to respond to industry demand for theft protection for catalytic converters. He commented: “We’re really pleased with the success of our relationship with Mercedes Benz.  They, like us, are committed to providing their customers with top quality solutions to protect the van owners investment. It’s a great product and will really benefit fleets and well as private drivers.”