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WrightBus green buses go into London service

Northern Ireland’s WrightBus has delivered two new buses for London, which have been hailed as the greenest of their type anywhere in the world.

The first two buses have left the WrightBus factory in Northern Ireland, and will be followed by another four next week and then a further 594 over the next three years.

Emission testing on an early vehicle that has been in service for eight months and covered more than 15,000 miles show levels at 2.048g/km of NOx – around four times less than the fleet average for existing hybrid buses

CO2 has been measured at 690.23g/km, which is marginally better than the fleet average for hybrids (864g/km) and almost half the fleet average for diesel buses (1,295g/km). As for diesel particulates, the figure is 0.012g/km, one quarter of the fleet average for hybrid and diesel buses together.