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World premiere of the new generation Unimog and Econic

Following the successful introduction of the Euro VI-compliant Actros, Antos, Arocs, and Atego, Mercedes-Benz is continuing its Euro VI product offensive with the unveiling of  the Unimog all-terrain vehicle, the Unimog implement carrier, and the Econic.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks and Special Trucks are currently the only manufacturers in Europe to offer Euro VI-compliant products in all categories of the light, medium, and heavy-duty segments, as well as in the special-purpose vehicle sector.

The brand has achieved comprehensive compliance nine months before the new emissions standard goes into effect, underscoring its leading role as a supplier of environmentally friendly automotive technology.

“In a wide variety of applications, the three new model series impressively demonstrate the leading role that the Unimog and the Econic play in innovation,” says Yaris Pürsün, Head of Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks. “We’re convinced that the new vehicles will set standards and substantially contribute to the business success of existing and future customers.”

Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks did everything it could to build on the proven model series’ success and further strengthen its pioneering role in the area of environmentally friendly trucks. To do this, the brand invested around €135 million in three completely new and unique vehicle concepts for its Euro VI-compliant product range.

The new product lineup introduces the new BlueEfficiency Power medium-duty engine generation in special trucks, now that it has been successfully installed in regular Mercedes-Benz trucks. The four and six-cylinder engines have outputs ranging from 115 kW (156 hp) to 260 kW (354 hp). The state-of-the-art engines combine low fuel consumption with extremely clean exhausts. They make the Unimog more efficient overall, despite the extensive design changes that were implemented to ensure compliance with Euro VI.

In the Econic, the engines even reduce fuel consumption by up to four percent. In addition to being extremely reliable, the new special trucks boast a long service life and long maintenance intervals – features that pay off for the customer.