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TyrePal unveils innovative heavt duty TPMS

TyrePal, specialists in retro-fit tyre pressure monitoring systems,  has unveiled an innovative heavy duty tyre pressure monitoring system suitable for fleets or individual vehicles at the Commercial Vehicle Show in Birmingham last week.

TyrePal TC215 monitor
The TyrePal system continuously measures both temperature and pressure of tyres while the vehicle is moving, and continues checking while it is parked. The system can detect a slow leak that could easily go unnoticed for thousands of miles, damaging the tyre and racking up excess fuel costs. Temperature sensing means that any unusual stress on a tyre is also detected, and a warning given before it results in a blowout or tyre fire.

Advanced warning means that issues can generally be dealt with on site instead of at a roadside breakdown. Tyres are systematically checked before every journey, and continuous monitoring means that problems picked up en route can be dealt with before they cause an accident or a breakdown.

A monitor in the cab gives clear and distict alerts for:

  • Air loss (puncture etc.)
  • Low pressure
  • High pressure
  • High temperature

If preferred, an intelligent communications link can be provided between the tyre pressure monitoring system and external systems. This can be used to connect to a telematics link, custom instrumentation or for communication with a gateway base station.

The system uses sensors on each tyre that transmit pressure and temperature data to the monitor or data node at 433MHz. External sensors simply screw on to the tyre valve in place of the standard dust cap and an integral security shroud prevents them being removed without using a special tool. Internal sensors are also available. These fit inside the tyre behind the valve, so the tyre must be removed to fit them.

The TyrePal TC215 system is suitable for individual vehicles or for fleets including articulated vehicles with multiple trailers.  For trailer fleets, a smart transceiver is fitted to each trailer to provide a simple hook-up as trailers are swapped.