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TecDoc Smoothes the way for Comma

Comma has become the latest in a growing band of suppliers to choose TecDoc as its official data supplier.  TecDoc licence holders now have complete access to Comma’s comprehensive range of oils and the confidence that they are able to identify the right lubricant first time.

Commenting on this latest development, TecDoc’s commercial director, Shaun Greasley said: “The addition of Comma to the TecDoc CATALOG system is a benefit to all parties as it gives licence holders access to the vital vehicle specific information they require to correctly identify the right lubricant and means that Comma can reach the buyers they need to ensure the correct product is supplied through to the workshop.”

“Both oils and coolants are becoming increasingly vehicle specific with the days of ‘any old grade will do’ long behind us. The correct formulation for both of these products is now crucial, as the wrong specification can really have catastrophic consequences in some applications.”

“Comma has everything the workshop needs to ensure quality is the byword when it comes to the oils and coolants it uses for the vehicles it services. However, to provide the most complete service, these products also need to be backed up with quality technical information and this is where we can help.”

“TecDoc’s AuDaCon technical service data gives them the means to more effectively compete with the franchised dealer and provide a comparable level of service alongside the cost advantage they can offer as an independent business.”

“One of the system’s primary functions is to provide service and maintenance information. This information effectively allows them to find the service schedule and maintenance requirement for every vehicle that is likely to enter their workshop, and as highlighted earlier, via TecDoc CATALOG, the precise lubricant, coolant or brake fluid can be guaranteed.

“In addition, the recall bulletins data that are also available through the service would provide them with information that is generally confined to the franchised dealer and allow them to target specific vehicles in their catchment area.”

“What this combination of products provides to both the distributor and installer is the opportunity for them to draw together a number of elements that might normally be out of their reach, but are absolutely necessary to enable them to compete with their larger rivals or those with vehicle manufacturer backing. With this support however, they have the backup they need to complement their natural entrepreneurial skills to make a significant impact in their market.”

For more information about TecDoc, please contact Shaun Greasley on: +44 (0) 1829 752888 or email: