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RL Automotive exhibits new tyre wear diagnostic equipment

RL Automotomotive, represented in Ireland, by Techplus, the garage equipment specialists has unveiled new tyre wear diagnostic equipment, which represents a key profit opportunity for the workshop, while delivering significant benefits to the end user.

Nigel Blackwell, Commercial Director, RL Automotive
Nigel Blackwell, Commercial Director, RL Automotive

With the cost of fuel only going one way, how tyres are managed is becoming increasingly more important. Tyre wear diagnostic equipment has been left behind in the tide of new technology that has swept the automotive industry.  It is largely still done manually which not only effects accuracy but also makes readings subjective.  On the basis of these non-objective readings important financial and safety decisions are being made.

RL Automotive,  the Oxfordshire company has developed a range of portable tyre wear diagnostic equipment using laser and Bluetooth technology.

The genesis of accurate tyre wear measurement began in the exacting world of Formula 1 racing where RL Automotive produced a laser scanning device that helped the teams develop their tyre changing strategy.  It proved to be so accurate that it could predict tyre failure down to a single lap.  With tyres proving so critical in the 2011 F1 season TAC-scan was again being used to offer a competitive advantage.

The equipment allows operators to collect and upload tread and pressure data easily, quickly and efficiently.  The software suite allows the operator to produce individual vehicle reports as well as fleet audit reports.

This information can be used to give fleet operators a major advantage when trying to reduce fuel consumption and tyre expenditure. For inspectors and auditors the equipment can dramatically reduce inspection time, produce very accurate readings and provide comprehensive action reports at the touch of a button. For commercial workshops it is a way of cutting the paperwork involved in job sheets and reports.

The software suite allows the operator to produce individual vehicle reports as well as fleet audit reports.  For garages,  tyre shops and alignment specialists, the benefits of the proprietary software give them a powerful marketing tool.  Instead of the lengthy process of alignment in order to check if an alignment is necessary, a “free” check can be offered using the TAC-Scan machine which will take about one minute to complete with a further minute to produce and print the ‘Tyre Wear and Alignment Analysis’ to show the customer and which will highlight the areas of tyre wear that may cause concern.