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Mann-Filter points out differences in spin-on filters

Satisfied customers like to stay loyal to their workshop or dealer. Customer retention also involves fitting and selling first-class spare parts. The typical service interval for a spin-on oil filter is 30,000 kilometres or once a year. There are however significant differences in the quality and performance of the compact spin-on filters with metal housings currently available in the market.

From the outside, the ‘black can’ looks quite similar. ‘Only a high-quality spin-on filter provides optimum protection against engine wear. Viewed from the outside, the efficiency of the various spin-on filters can however be indistinguishable, even for specialists. Quality is to be found inside, and with Mann-Filter  you can certainly rely on that,”  says Joerg Schoemmel, Oil Filter Product Manager at Mann-Filter. Only a close look inside reveals more about the design, materials and functions of these quality filters.

Simply constructed spin-on oil filters are essentially made up of the following parts: the screw cap with external seal, a filter housing containing a filter element and an element guide. This holds the filter element in the right position. Many high-quality spin-on oil filters have additional components which significantly enhance engine protection. Typically Mann-Filter equips its spin-on oil filters with specially moulded, highly elastic anti-drain membranes, ensuring that the oil remains in the filter, even with an inclined mounting position, when the engine is switched off.

Overnight, for example, when the vehicle is parked for a long period of time. The engine oil thus immediately lubricates the engine components on re-start. The units are in this way protected against wear. The oil is affected by gravity as soon as the engine is no longer running and the oil ceases to circulate. Without an anti-drain valve, it would slowly seep out of the filter and the oil channels and return to the sump.