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TTC offers immediate response

TTC, the leading aftermarket supplier for Commercial Vehicle components has launched new telephone numbers for its Sales and Technical lines

TTC says its understands the need for immediate response and a high level of service and accordingly has changed its Sales and Technical line numbers from 15thMarch 2013.

TTC SALES – 00 (0)844 264 2363 &
TTC TECHNICAL & WARRANTY – 00 44 (0)844 264 2388

Sara Graham, Customer Service Manager at TTC commented: “When you ring our new sales line, a member of TTC will be able to attend to all your sales needs. We have multiple sites in Cowley, Lincoln and Preston and each member of our long-standing customer service team will be able to assist you.

“When you ring our technical line you will still have an option to make a selection for any Air Brake or Road Spring technical needs, or for any other technical enquiries.  On our new technical line you will have an option to select TTC warranty which is a new dedicated service to ensure that we deal with all your warranty needs efficiently.”

For a period of time all the old TTC telephone lines will connect to the new numbers, so TTC will always be available to take your call.