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New Dayco heavy duty catalogue

Dayco is one of the foremost original equipment (OE) manufacturers of power transmission components for automotive and commercial vehicle makers across the globe, which is why it used the global platform provided by the Automechanika trade fair to launch its latest Heavy Duty vehicle product catalogue.

For this, the 2013 version, Dayco has complemented its existing range with 103 additional application references, which relate to more than 300 commercial vehicles, to produce a catalogue with virtually complete coverage of the European commercial vehicle market.

In addition to its existing products of auxiliary belts, tensioners and water pumps, the new publication includes two new products: V-belt sets and water pump repair kits.

The introduction of V-belt sets is in response to the technical requirement from the workshop to fit calibrated belts on multi-belt driveline components. As a result of the stringent quality control procedures within its V-belt production facilities, Dayco is able to ensure the belts supplied in its V-belt sets are ‘matched’ and therefore provide a reliable solution in accordance with the required tolerances for these applications. For the easy identification of these ‘V’ sets they are designated with initials ‘2X’ in the catalogue.

The addition of water pump repair kits is a reflection of Dayco’s long-term philosophy to place customer service at the core of its activities as it provides the commercial vehicle workshop with an additional repair tool for the heavy duty sector.

Again, to aid the identification process, water pump repair kits are identified with a specific set of initials, this time ‘RKDP’, followed by the existing water pump reference number. For instance: RKDP100 is the repair kit for water pump reference DP100.

With the publication of its new Heavy Duty catalogue, Dayco is confident that it provides the heavy duty sector with one of the most comprehensive reference tools in the business and fulfils its mandate to deliver range and quality to the professional workshop.

As is the custom with all Dayco catalogues, the new version can be downloaded from the website and of course the information it contains is also available through the TecDoc CATALOG electronic parts catalogue system.

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