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Mercedes-Benz advises on importance of fitting genuine brake parts

Mercedes-Benz is advising end users on the importance of fitting genuine brake parts and has made available a range of brake packages for the Actros, Axor and Atego models that will save you over 40 per cent compared to buying the individual brake discs and pads.

The brand is appraising end users of the importance of fitting genuine replacement brake system parts in the aftermarket, and warning that fitting cheaper options represent a false economy.

Mercedes-Benz says that today’s commercial vehicles have to contend with big demands, heavy loads, high road speeds, hot temperatures in summer and sub-zero temperatures in winter.

But, whatever the conditions, the brake system must always respond with reliability and precision. It will comes as no surprise that brake discs and brake linings are subject to the most severe operating demands. This is where quality is crucial, to ensure that drivers and their vehicles can operate safely and economically at all times.

To illsutrate the quality of its parts, Mercedes-Benz commissioned DEKRA, the largest inspection company in Germany and the third-largest in the world, to test four sets of brake discs and brake linings from four manufacturers – including Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts.

The tested products were all suitable for use in a Mercedes-Benz Actros with a SN7 brake system. Each product was given a cracking test, a performance test and a wear test. All tests were carried out using an inertia dynamometer in accordance with procedures and test criteria recognised by the original equipment manufacturers.

The brake performance and wear tests were executed on a comparison basis before drawing up a final assessment. All test products were purchased in flawless condition from authorised retail suppliers and tested under identical conditions.

Cracking test
The cracking test demonstrated which product was able to withstand even the most severe conditions. The brake linings and brake discs generated a great deal of heat under heavier loads. The test examined whether heat cracks developed, as this can result in the brake disc rupturing. The linings were also examined for excessive wear.

Brake Performance Test
The brake performance test demonstrated, which products maintained full braking power.
Disc temperature and vehicle speed are key factors influencing braking torque. This test assessed the performance characteristics of the friction system. Brake linings were examined for crack formation and edge

Wear Test
The wear test demonstrated that only high-quality products can prevent a premature drop in brake power. Higher levels of wear mean premature part replacement and higher vehicle maintenance costs. This test highlighted the differences between competitor products and the brake disc and lining approved by Mercedes-Benz.

The DEKRA test concluded that Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts were clearly superior to the competitor products Only the Mercedes-Benz genuine brakes passed the cracking test. The brake disc was not ruptured and the linings were not completely worn down.

The tests concluded that Mercedes-Benz genuine brakes feature excellent durability and economy, and noted that customers who take the cheap option end up buying twice!

DEKRA reported that only the Mercedes-Benz genuine brakes produced convincing results in the brake performance test carried out using an inertia dynamometer.

Mercedes-Benz says that the right friction pairing is key. Finding the optimum friction pairing of brake disc and brake lining means balancing high braking performance with reduced wear. The company advises that operators should not compromise on brakes, which are the most crucial safety component on commercial vehicles. Worn brake discs and brake linings must be replaced immediately, Mercedes-Benz says.

The three pointed star says it performs a range of test bed examinations and covers many thousands of kilometres in road testing – to ensure that its vehicles come to a standstill in complete safety.