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Juratek for HGV braking

With technology rapidly advancing in every sector and safety regulations dominating the industry, the aftermarket is facing its biggest challenge to date. Can the aftermarket keep up with the growing demands of the market? What should you look for in your suppliers? 

Juratek has been manufacturing brake discs since they were first fitted to the Iveco Eurocargo almost 20 years ago. Juratek is now well known worldwide as a leading distributor of brake discs, pads, drums, accessories, air springs, shock absorbers, steering and suspension for heavy commercial vehicles, trailers and buses, as well as discs and pads for light commercial vehicles and passenger cars.

Juratek branded products have high standards of quality, durability and in-service performance, which is demanded at all levels of distribution in this very safety conscious market.

Juratek products are manufactured to their own specifications based on the original parts and will operate in service similar to their OEM counterparts. The Juratek range of brake pads are fully certified to ECE Regulation 90 and officially approved for fitting in any European country.

Juratek brake discs are produced to exacting standards in both dimensional integrity and material specifications. Every batch of discs and drums released for sale passes through the company’s in-house testing facility to ensure conformity to the required specifications of dimensional integrity, hardness, strength and chemical composition.

All parts carry batch control numbers for traceability from factory to distributor. The Juratek design and quality department uses the latest CAD technology and pays particular attention to disc vent design to ensure the correct cooling of the disc when in operation.

Juratek also participates in truck racing which ensures that its braking products always exceed quality expectations. Truck racing provides an important insight into the behaviour of brake pads and discs under much higher speeds than are encountered on the roads.

Racing trucks brake from speeds of 160 kph and at consequent energy levels 60 per cent higher per stop than those encountered during normal use. Racing therefore, provides an accelerated test bed for what can happen to a set of brake pads (and discs) during their normal service lifetime.

Over the years, Juratek has tested its pads and discs on many racing vehicles and have always received outstanding feedback regarding their quality, performance and durability.
Juratek is represented in Ireland by HBA Distribution.